1. Get a reservation for the site. DO this WELL IN ADVANCE!
  2. Send an email one week before the pack inspection.
  3. Get paperwork and equipment for the pack inspection
  4. Prepare an overview of the route and special considerations for the girls
  5. Handle or delegate permission slips and payments for the trip.
  6. Run the pack inspection.
  7. Arrange for an emergency contact who has the list of girls that are going and a BIG roster.
  8. Arrange (usually the morning of the trip) a contact to call parents when you are en route home. This contact can ask around while you are all waiting to leave to ascertain how and when everyone wants to be called. Please call the contact about one hour before arrival in case they have trouble getting a hold of a parent.
  9. Notify council who is signed up to go on the trip after the Wednesday pack inspection and then again afterwards to tell them who actually went. This can be done by faxing or emailing who?
  10. Email out a brief trip report to the BIG leaders, listing who went on the trip (so that we can maintain the participation counts) and anything you want the other leaders to know about.